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Little by little becomes a lot

Yesterday we received the results of Sadie's PET scan. I am very excited to report that her cancer has reduced significantly. The cancer in her neck, clavicle, under arms, diaphragm, liver and spleen is now gone. There is still a small amount of cancer in her chest (mediastinal area) and one spot on on her left lung. Because it is still in two places, it is now considered Stage 2. That is a drop from her original diagnosis of Stage 4. They believe the cancer in her chest is where things started and the largest mass there has shrunk from 23mm to 1.8mm (yes the decimal is supposed to be there). For the non-accountants in the bunch, that is a >90% reduction in size! The one remaining spot on her lung is 0.4mm (she had 8 spots on her lungs previously). This is very good progress and a reason to celebrate! Unfortunately she also had chemo yesterday so she isn't feeling up to any celebrating. Thank you again to everyone who came together to help make this happen! We are definitely on the right path.

Why did it take so long to share such great news you ask? The doctors are pleased with her progress but are recommending a further 2 weeks of treatments in addition to this week (which is really 3-4 weeks more because the chemo treatments have to be spread a couple weeks apart). They believe this will destroy the remaining cancer and put her into full remission. So, plans needed to be reviewed and new ones made. The only thing guaranteed in life is change (and taxes! ha ha, accounting joke). We are still coming home this weekend. After 8 weeks, both of us really need a break and a grounding in normalcy. Sadie will return to Mexico in a few weeks, probably with a different companion. There is definitely such a thing as too much mom and daughter time. I guess we will not be making an appearance on SMothered (TLC show. Don't watch it. It sucks.).

In other less interesting news, we experienced our first earthquake last week. It was only a 4.9 and was centred a couple hours away, but we certainly felt it in the apartment. It was a very strange feeling to have our large 9 story concrete apartment building sway like it was blowing in the wind.

And because even a late night post wouldn't be the same without some pictures... The tide was at its lowest on Sunday which resulted in a very different view of the rock cliffs at the south end of the beach. So beautiful.

I've been reading about the practice of grounding or earthing. Apparently the earth has a magnetic field and you should stand or walk barefoot for 30 minutes a day to increase your energy. It's hard to do in winter in northern climates so they recommend indoor gardens as an alternative. I think at home we call those grow ops! Sorry Jace, your room is being repurposed.

Here's a little joke for you..

Question: When two women share an apartment who kills the spider in the bathroom?

Answer: No one. We close the door and hope the thing finds another way out before morning!

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