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Home Again, Closed to Visitors

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The girls made it home safely; getting in late last night. They had a few challenges crossing the borders this time. I guess it’s suspicious for two young women to travel together to Mexico for medical treatment. They were subjected to secondary search and clearance at both borders. At the Canadian border they had to call me for the border person to confirm their quarantine plan and warn me of the up to $1 million fine for breaking quarantine. It was hard not to remind them that Sadie had just undergone chemo treatment and I am more worried about her being exposed to Covid by someone in Canada than in Mexico. Having spent the last week out of quarantine, I felt much safer in Mexico than here. It’s really disconcerting how lax people in Canada are when it comes to wearing masks and physical distancing. Although I will admit that the girls’ stories of the volume of people in the Dallas airport was alarming, even if masks were mandatory there.

So now we do another quarantine. Taryn and I will quarantine here for 14 days. Sadie and Garrett will head back to Mexico for her final round of treatments next weekend. When they return the new rules for flights into Calgary will apply so they will be tested when they arrive and they will have a short quarantine. That said, Sadie will be immune compromised for a while and I don’t have any comfort that people in Canada are taking Covid seriously enough to expose her to the general population.

Other than being tired from the travel, Sadie is feeling strong and healthy. She had very little in the way of side effects from this round of chemo. Thanks to the care of the nurses and doctors at the clinic, she is very close to having this beat.

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Welcome back home girlies...the trouble at the border was no fun, I’m sure. Glad you are home safe and sound. Taryn has my number if you need anything ❤️

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