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And They’re Off

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Sadie is heading back to Mexico for round 5 of chemo and another full week of treatments. This time she is being accompanied by her friend Taryn. This trip is by air so we planned for safety precautions to be a bit more intense with full face shields and P95 masks. Unfortunately we found out when we got to the airport that Transport Canada does not allow P95 masks so they had to switch back to regular masks.

It’s hard to see them go on their own but it will be a good experience for them. Sadie will enjoy having a friend with her to lighten things up. It‘s too bad that their first “girls” trip isn‘t for fun. Instead of hanging out at the beach and enjoying the night life like 19 year olds should be doing, they will be spending their days in a hospital clinic and their nights dealing with chemo side effects. Maybe next year they can have a true “girls” trip.

Today they fly to San Diego, connecting through Dallas. Once in San Diego they will be picked up by the clinics‘ driver, Jose, and delivered to their hotel in Tijuana. We will be anxiously watching their progress and awaiting word that they are safely tucked in at the hotel.

Sadie has been feeling quite healthy these past couple weeks, although being stuck in the house under quarantine wasn’t all that fun for any of us. We made it work with grocery delivery from Save-On and Amazon prime was another life saver for some of those harder to find items for her eat plan.

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