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Viva Mexico!

Today is Independence Day in Mexico. Independence Day is similar to our Canada Day but most people here work it. From what we understand people get paid extra to work the holiday so do. Last night we were treated to a mariachi band playing in the park across from our apartment and at midnight we were roused (or at least I was roused; Sadie can sleep through anything) by a commotion outside. It is tradition here for everyone to go outside their houses at midnight and yell "Viva Mexico!" and then go back to bed. They actually set their alarms to get up and do it. It scared the bejesus out of me but by the time I got up and went to investigate the night was quiet again. I didn't know what had happened until the nurses explained the tradition to Sadie today. The day is normally marked with parades, fiestas and fireworks but all events this year were cancelled due to covid. A shame as it would have been great to experience it.

Sadie is still feeling the side effects of last week's chemo and a sudden fever had us making a late night trip to the clinic on Monday. Thankfully her temperature came down with a bit of medication and she is doing okay again. The doctors have ruled out any infection, adjusted her treatments and are monitoring her blood work closely. We are confident it was just a minor blip in her recovery progress.

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