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Trust but verify, the auditor’s mantra.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I am an accountant by trade, trained as an auditor. One of the things that is drilled into us in auditor training is an old quote “Trust, but verify”. It’s apparently an old Russian proverb that was made main stream by Ronald Reagan. I’m not sure if anyone would ever say auditors are mainstream but we seem to have taken that saying on as a rule of the trade. I no longer audit but the rule is ingrained in me. I am generally critical of things like the media, politics, and people who think they are smarter than everyone else. So the first thing I did after the shock of Sadie‘s diagnosis passed was hit the internet. The second thing I did was buy an Amazon Prime membership (much to the joy of the kids as it apparently comes with a bunch of TV shows and movies) and order a dozen books. I was going to be the most educated cancer mom, and biggest pain in the doctor‘s ass, around.

Now I am not a doctor, or a cancer researcher, but I did find a wealth of knowledge and was able to find a ton of information on conventional, alternative and integrative treatment options. With this information, I narrowed the options down to my top 5 and wrote a detailed evaluation of those 5 options. I've attached it here. There are no references or notations or links to studies in this document. Only a summary of my research and findings.

Download DOCX • 34KB
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