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Sadie Beat Cancer!!!

There are no words to describe the emotions today. It was exactly 22 weeks ago today that we first heard the words 'cancer' and 'Sadie' in the same sentence. The words we are using today are 'cancer free' and 'full remission'. It has been a surreal journey. One with both ups and downs, pain and now joy. If we could, we would be throwing a large celebration party with everyone who helped make this day possible. As it is, we will raise a glass of wine in toast to everyone, and especially to Sadie who has been so brave and stood strong to meet this challenge full on.

And now for our thank yous:

To everyone who gave so generously so Sadie could receive a lower impact treatment option in Mexico - Thank you!

To all the doctors and nurses at the Immunity Therapy Clinic, especially nurse Liz and Dr. Carrillo, who made Sadie's recovery possible - Thank you!

To everyone who offered words of hope, prayers and encouragement - Thank you!

To everyone who sent gifts, flowers and mementos to Sadie to help get through the treatments - Thank you!

To Garrett & my employers who supported us with accommodated work schedules and arrangements - Thank you!

To our family and friends who lent a virtual shoulder to cry on and provided the occasional mental health check in - Thank you!

To all the new friends we have met through our shared cancer experience who provided advice and an understanding ear - Thank you!

To Sadie's oncologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Clinic in Calgary who did not judge our decisions and delivered the great news today - Thank you!

Let's say it one more time because it just feels so darn good: SADIE IS CANCER FREE!


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