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Positive News!

Yesterday Sadie had her first follow up appointment with the Oncologist in Calgary. We were a bit nervous about the visit; anxious to see Sadie's progress as well as uncertain about the reception we would receive. Her doctor and nurse also seemed a bit nervous. I don't think they see many patients who break away from the normal protocols. Overall the visit was very good though. They seemed genuinely interested in the treatments Sadie received in Mexico and were pleased, and maybe a bit surprised, by the results of her interim PET scan. The doctor did a thorough exam and concluded that Sadie has no outward signs of any cancer - all of the lymph nodes that can be felt by touch are normal (the lumps are all gone!). Of course she will need another PET scan to confirm that all the internal cancer is gone as well. Since Sadie no longer has any of the common Hogkins symptoms (no pain, has her energy back, has gained weight, no night sweats, etc.) indications are that the cancer is gone. They were able to get her booked in for a PET scan in 2 weeks so we will know the final result before Christmas.

One other interesting, and I think wonderful, thing that came out of the conversation is that the Oncologist told us that after we left for Mexico, she reached out to the Naturopath that we told her we were consulting with in Calgary and they are now collaborating on Sadie's case as well as other patients'. It seems like a little step forward in getting a more integrative cancer treatment approach in Canada, or at least our little piece of it. I do hope sharing our experience can help other people feel more comfortable in whatever medical treatment plan they chose - conventional, integrative or alternative - or at least bring awareness to the fact that there are valid choices available.

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