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Ring that Bell!!

It is a tradition in some cancer hospitals to ring a bell when a patient completes their treatments. There was no bell at the clinic in Mexico but we are celebrating all the same. Today Sadie returned home after completing her last round of treatments! We celebrated this milestone with balloons, flowers and a gift. (There would have been a party if it wasn't for Covid!)

It has been 3 months since her first treatment began and nearly 4 months since her diagnosis. It is amazing how brave she has been to get to this point. She has been poked with hundreds of needles, sat through countless appointments with doctors, travelled thousands of miles for treatments, and still has a smile on her face most of the time. We still have a few weeks to wait until she can have another scan to confirm our hopes that she is cancer free. Once again we want to thank all our friends and family who pitched in to make this journey a reality - both the emotional support and the financial aid. THANK YOU!

Garrett and Sadie enjoying a celebratory lunch in San Diego on their way home.

Our gift to Sadie for completing this milestone.

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