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"On the other side of the clouds is a bright blue sky"

I'm not sure who to give credit to for that quote but it seems fitting. Good news first - all of Sadie's blood markers are moving in the right direction. The bad news - the chemo had a fairly hard impact on her. She was hit by some pretty harsh nausea the last couple days and was not eating well. She seems to have gotten through the worst of it now though.

I had a question the other day on what a bio dentist was. Sadie received a free consultation with the bio dentist at the clinic yesterday. Bio dentistry is like holistic or alternative dentistry. Basically he was just looking to see if she had any metal fillings. There have been some studies that suggest metal fillings are linked to cancer. Fortunately Sadie's teeth have no metal and are "perfect" (thanks Vickie!).

We are still adjusting to life in Mexico. I had to stop and get gas for the first time today (don't tell Garrett I waited until the tank was almost empty before filling up; it will drive him crazy). There is a gas station called Rendichicas here. It is a gas station chain that promotes the empowerment of women. Of course I had to go there to fill up. They still have gas jockeys here in Mexico and at this gas station all the gas jockeys are women. The stations are painted bright pink!

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Gianna T
Gianna T
Sep 22, 2021

Great blog I enjoyed readding


Thanks for the update. While you are taking good care of young Sadie, please do make sure you are taking good care of yourself too during this challenging time. Sending warm thoughts from chilly Victoria.

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