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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I am very glad we chose to get an apartment by the water. The beach in Tijuana is not a tourist destination, can be a bit dirty, and isn’t probably all that safe at night. That said, seeing and hearing the water is good for the soul I think. I made Sadie go for a short walk on the beach after dinner. We both needed the fresh air and exercise. The fitness room and pool in the building are closed due to Covid. I’m pretty sure she’s getting tired of hanging out with her mom - only another 40+ days to go (she hates it when I reminder of how many more days she gets to spend with me!).

Sadie’s treatments today added a DPT/B17 infusion. Her doctor wants to do this first before starting any chemotherapy drugs. Of course I brought a number of books with me so spent some time today researching B17 treatments. Many studies show that B17 is more effective at treating cancer than chemotherapy with no side effects. We will see how this goes and revisit later this week or early next week. He’s also switching her from the IV multivitamin to IV vitamin C. Her body wasn’t absorbing the multivitamin well and it was taking ~2 hours to finish the IV. She is taking all the treatments in stride and has been talking to many of the other patients. One of the nutritionists talks to her at every meal and they are modifying each of her meals to increase her calories and protein. I think her cheeks look a bit pinker now; she says its just the heat. Interesting that the treatment room is nice and warm but they keep the air conditioning blasting in the waiting area so I freeze my butt off all day.

We found a lady, Nitza, who lives close by the apartment and will pick up groceries a couple times a week for us. After my initial experience with grocery shopping the other day, I thought it would be better to have groceries delivered. It reduces our risk of exposure to any illness, and Nitza will be able to read the ingredients to make sure we are sticking to the organic, no sugar, no dairy rules. The extent of my Spanish vocabulary stops at “dos cervezas por favor”.

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A beach walk is definitely good for the soul!

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