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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

What does the day in the life of a cancer patient look like in Mexico? It started with a short drive to the clinic (helpful driving hint: red lights are a lot like stop signs here - just a suggestion). We have been in the clinic since 8am. Sadie had blood work and an examination before breakfast. Breakfast was a vegan omelette, green juice and fruit. Very tasty. Then it was off to the treatment rooms. She‘s been seen by 2 doctors and a nutritionist, the later told her she needs to gain 10-20 pounds. Treatments included hyperthermia (local and whole body), Sono, mag ray, laser, biomagnetic, rife, bemer, halo light, IV salinomicine, IV multivitamin, and ITMAF macrophage activation. Tomorrow they expect to start the low-dose chemo DPT/B17. The hematologist needs to review her blood work first to determine the dosage. We have a treatment schedule for the week which adds a few other treatments on different days. It certainly is a very well rounded plan. Next Monday they will review her blood work and adjust treatments as needed. She will have a daily check in with her main doctor, Dr. Carrillo ( who I’ve nicknamed Dr. Mcdreamy). We will also have a consultation with a biological dentist and a physiotherapist in the next few days. Today’s treatments were done at around 3pm and we took a break for lunch. Lunch was Mexican squash soup and chicken tacos. (At the recommendation of her nutritionist, Nickolas or Dr. Mcsteamy). Soon we are heading back to the apartment for some rest before starting it all again tomorrow morning.

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