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Just a little bit longer.

Week 5 complete, 1 week to go.. or maybe 2.5 weeks. We've decided to extend our visit to Mexico a little longer. An extra 10 days to be exact. It became too much of a challenge to coordinate a second PET scan in Canada so we are going to have it done here instead. A PET scan cannot be done too close to a chemo treatment so we have to wait until the end of the month. Then Sadie has decided to do another week of treatments while we wait for the results of the scan, and to give her an extra boost before we head home. The work doesn't stop when we leave Mexico though and we are starting to prepare for the at home regiment. The clinic will provide an at home plan before we leave. Of course the first two weeks will include a quarantine at home on our return to Canada.

Sadie has been feeling good the last few days and is not looking forward to undergoing another round of chemo tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the side effects will be minor this time around.

The beach at sunset. So glad we found an apartment where we can enjoy the beauty of nature whenever we need a break from things.

Our favorite go-to meal on the hot days. Acai smoothie bowl with granola, coconut yogurt, cinnamon and peaches. (Of course we sneak greens powder into the smoothie.)

We've made some great new friends at the clinic. People going through their own life-altering health crises. We've learned so much from these people and their families. We all share the same hopes, and fears, even though the diseases may be slightly different.

It was Garrett and my 23rd anniversary today. I'm not sure that I can say it is the first time we have been apart for our anniversary, I'm sure there were other years that my work/travel schedule separated us. We try to do a family FaceTime call on Sunday evenings. This one was last week because Garrisen didn't show up this week (yes, that's a whole lot of mom guilt coming your way GeeGee!).

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