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Half way there.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Three down, three to go - weeks that is. It has been a quiet week in my office (the waiting room of the clinic). New patients come in each week and some leave. This week there seems to be more people here on their own. I think it would be hard to go through something like this alone. Sadie has met many of the patients and a few have commented to me on what a nice girl she is; listening to their stories and chatting with them while they do treatments together. Of course her personality is all because of my parenting skills I am sure! It is nice to know she is having a positive impact on the lives she touches here. She has been feeling really good this week. She is eating well, gaining weight and we even went for a 4+km walk on the beach the other day to get some exercise. Her nutritionist, Nicolas, invited her to attend a cross fit class he teaches but we decided it may be too much right now. I offered to go with her but, to be honest, even the thought of participating in a cross fit class nearly gave me a heart attack. Round 2 of chemotherapy starts on Monday and we hope it is not as hard on her as the last round was. She at least knows what to expect this time around and the clinic is also better prepared to help her manage through it.

I find it has been a tough week emotionally this week. Many of the kids Sadie's age are preparing to head back to university classes.

A big shout out to our neighbours (you know who you are) for keeping Garrett and Jace well stocked with casseroles and brownies! I think they are eating better now than they did when I was at home. If anyone has recipes for no sugar, no dairy, no gluten brownies send them my way. The pictures Garrett sent were mouth watering.

Also, sending a big hug to Kaye in England who reached out to us through the blog. You've got this girl! Stay strong and hold on to the power of "Hope" to get you through the rough days.

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Hi Mel. I have a great brownie recipe. I will get Maddi to send it. Take care you two!

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