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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Well we have made it safely to Mexico and are tucked into our apartment for the night. The border crossing was easier than expected. we didn’t even speak to anyone. You pull up to a camera, it takes your picture, and you proceed through. I think it’s a bit harder going back. The line up of cars going back to the US was very long.

We’ve driven by the clinic and survived grocery shopping. There are a few important things to know about driving in Mexico. 1) speed limits are not posted. Most people drive about the speed you’d expect at home. 2) signal lights are purely optional and it seems most don’t use them. 3) stop signs don’t really mean stop. They’re more of a suggestion to slow down, look around and continue if safe.

This part of Mexico is definitely not a resort. Very few people we have met speak any English and there are no tourists on the beach. Our apartment has a wonderful view of the beach and ocean but I think we will enjoy it from the balcony.

Nerves are a bit high tonight with expectations for tomorrow. Poor Sadie is not a fan of needles and she is going to get a lot of them over the coming weeks. She’s well rested though, and looking forward to getting started.

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Brittany Groves
Brittany Groves
Aug 17, 2020

Yay! So happy to hear things went as smoothly as possible. Sadie, you’re a strong girl. You’ve got this! Always in my thoughts & prayers both of you are xx


So happy you’ve made it safely to Mexico !You’re in my thoughts and prayers Sadie. Love you


You’ve been on my mind all day, as I expect you will be every day. A view of the ocean will be a nice distraction in the coming weeks 🙏🏻 Be brave Sadie...sending you strength and courage and lots of love!


Been waiting for this update.

Needles are like mosquito bites.

Although I must admit. I, too am terrified of them.

Take a deep breath, think the happiest thought you can & it’s over, sweet girl!

Sweet dreams. You’ve got this, guys ♥️🙏


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