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A Real Life Canadian Superhero

Today Sadie's high school celebrated a real life superhero with their annual Terry Fox run. Most schools participate in a Terry Fox run every year around this time to bring awareness to and raise funds for cancer research. If you are my age you can actually remember this amazing man and what he did to bring awareness to disabilities and cancer. This year, Edge school dedicated their run to Sadie. There is a very touching tribute in their Terry Fox Assembly on the youtube link below (the tribute starts at minute 19:57).

The fight against cancer means quite a bit more to us this year than in previous years. It's quite amazing how much more important things become when they hit close to home. It's also amazing how a personal challenge opens your eyes and mind to to a wealth of new information. I had no idea how important eating habits were to fighting diseases, or how many options there are for treating cancer, or how many cancer conspiracy theorists exist. Regardless of what you believe about cancer, cancer treatments, and the role of big pharma; the Terry Fox Foundation has their heart in the right place and Terry Fox was truly a Canadian Superhero.

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Sep 26, 2020

Thanks for sharing. Stay strong!

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